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Writer's Block: Deaf Awareness

In conjunction with Deaf Awareness Month, discuss some famous deaf people who have helped to make history. If you're hearing impaired yourself, give us a sense of what your experience is like, so we can better appreciate it.
Sometimes it takes courage to be who you are.  When I ask you to repeat yourself, I do that because what you say interests me, I want to listen, I want to hear you. It's easy to pretend you heard someone. To ask you to move your hand away from your mouth while your talking so I can *see* what you're saying.  It's a different language sometimes.  I don't sign, have a hard time between trying to follow hands vs mouths to hear.

Having a son who is part deaf, I've learned to to appreciate words spoken clearly and the complexity of communication between hearing and being deaf or hard of hearing on some level. There is a level of patience those that hear have to have for those of us who are challenged that way and a patience from us to help you learn our language.

Imagine sitting in a chair, looking out the window and someone comes besides you and whispers .......

and you can't hear it ...

sometimes having to talk louder doesn't have the same affect.

and then there are the times where there is that one whisper that pierces you.

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